Permanent Makeup Cartridges

  • PERMANENT MAKEUP ARTISTS – Who are obsessed with perfection, use Stylia tattoo cartridge needles. Because they know they allow the perfect depth, angle, and precision necessary to create professional long-lasting results
  • DISPOSABLE, SINGLE-USE CARTRIDGES - Stylia uses EO gas to sterilize the cartridge needles before they are individually packaged. This ensures that each client gets a clean, new needle. 1R is perfect for lining and shading
  • RAZOR-SHARP, STAINLESS STEEL - With unrivaled sharpness that never dulls, these flexible microshading needles are arranged in a cluster allowing for the meticulous application of ink with minimal trauma to the skin
  • TRANSPARENT, TO SEE INK FLOW - Stylia's detachable clear plastic cartridges allow you to see the ink flow as you tattoo and make small adjustments as needed. The ink flows from the well smoothly and doesn’t get backed up
  • EASY TO INSTALL - Simply insert your needle into the top of the machine, rotate it to the length that you need, screw it in, and you're done! These PMU needles are compatible with Stylia Wireless Microshading Pen

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