24k Gold Under-Eye Patches with Vitamin C & Hyaluronic Acid

A Dazzling Solution for Under Eye Concerns

It’s difficult, but we have to face the facts—as we age, so does our skin. We stop producing essential proteins that keep our face plump and youthful. Luckily, Stylia has worked hard to take back the clock with simple-for-you, powerful-for-your-skin solutions. Your under-eye mask for dark circles and puffiness is infused with a luxurious blend of gold, hyaluronic acid, collagen, and vitamin C to give you the appearance of instant lift and brightness. Get glowing thanks to Stylia glitter dark circle under-eye patches.

Glamour-Eyes Anytime

Whether you lost some sleep, have a special event on the horizon, or can’t get rid of dark bags, these under-eye mask patches are your new bestie. Not only do they deliver indulgent ingredients to nourish your skin, but they make you look like an absolute star when you put them on:
– Hydrating, age-defying hyaluronic acid
– Brightening antioxidant vitamin C in the stable 3-O ethyl ascorbic acid form
– Anti-aging hydrolyzed collagen
– Moisturizing, mineral-rich red algae
– Soothing pearl extract
– Detoxifying and nourishing 24k gold
– Gorgeous sparkling flecks of glitter
To transform your appearance in a snap, simply open 1 of your individual packs and apply the 24k gold eye masks for puffy eyes under each eye. Leave them for 15 minutes and peel them away to reveal renewed skin. To enhance the power of your vitamin C under-eye patches for dark circles, pop them in the fridge for a cooling boost.

Transformation Complete

Achieve your skin goals and bolster your routine with Stylia. We have listened to your skin concerns and responded with real results. These masks are also less messy than under-eye cream and make incredible self-care gifts for women and men.

Experience spa-like bliss, diminish the appearance of fine lines, and look wide awake in minutes with brilliant sparkling eye patches and skin care by Stylia.

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